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Ridgeway Brewery’s Elf Series


Bad Elf and Very Bad Elf

Anyone ever wonder where Santa’s elves are during the off season? Do they just kick it at the North Pole with their feet up and watch all the stuff they Tivo’d when they were making toys? Do they go skiing? Do they go to Boca? Ridgeway Brewery’s interpretation is a bit more sinister; the elves take to bacchanalian drinking.

Ridgeway’s Elf Series has five beers in the lineup: Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Seriously Bad Elf, Criminally Bad Elf, and Insanely Bad Elf. They run the style gamut and go from 6% to 12%. Some details after the jump.

Bad Elf – 6% ABV. An English IPA. English IPA’s are maltier and less hoppy than American IPA’s.
Very Bad Elf – 7.5% ABV. A classic English bitter based on a recipe from 1795.
Seriously Bad Elf – 9% ABV. A Belgian Tripel that is banned in Connecticut. Apparently putting Santa on the label is a no go in the nutmeg state.
Criminally Bad Elf – 10.5% ABV. A barley wine to warm the coldest winter nights.
Insanely Bad Elf – 12%. Imperial Red Ale with the creeeeepiest label I’ve seen on a beer in a while.

I think you could take one of these elves at a time, but don’t let them gang up on you. Their tiny little hands are fast and dangerous. Happy Christmas to all and beware of the elves.


  1. michael Reinhardt | Monday, December 21, 2009

    These are good beers. In fact, we’ve reviewed a few of them for our site. The Insanely Bad Elf is wonderful. http://thankheavenforbeer.com/?s=Ridgeway&x=0&y=0

  2. SD Lounger | Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    I love the artwork on these. It’s as good as the beer.

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