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Portland Fine Beverage Adventure

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Black Strap Stout
BridgePort Brewing Company Black Strap Stout at the BridgePort Ale House.

Portland has a KILLER scene for craft brews. I had the pleasure of judging a food and beer pairing event for Deschutes last night at the Deschutes Public House and spent the day prior aimlessly wandering from craft brewery to craft brewery. Look for coverage of the Deschutes event in the March issue of Mutineer. Here are a couple shots from Sunday’s adventures:

Cask Conditioned Ales
The Cask Conditioned Ales scene at BridgePort Ale House.

Stout Onion Soup
Perfect Pairing – Stout Onion Soup at BridgePort Ale House with chicken stock, Black Strap Stout, a crouton, and melted Swiss cheese.

Ebenezer Ale Sign
A sign outside pumping up Ebenezer Ale on draft at BridgePort Ale House draws people in.

BridgePort Ale House
A shot of the BridgePort Ale House exterior on Porland’s vibrant Hawthorne street.

Hot Lips Pizza
One of several Hot Lips Pizza locations, featuring Hot Lips Soda created with local fruit in nearby McMinnville.

Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company pub, which is empty due to the company’s holiday party starting shortly after this photo was taken.

Lucky Labrador
The sign outside Lucky Labrador.

Herb Soda
Sodas by the Herb Soda Co. being sold in the pub at Bridgeport Brewing Company’s brewery in the upscale Pearl District of Portland.

Amnesia Brewing
The seasonal ales on draft at Amnesia Brewing. There was a winter ale event the night before featuring many local seasonal brews.

Amnesia Brewing
The full offering of Amnesia Brewing.

Amnesia Brewing
Exterior of Amnesia Brewing.

Wet Bar at Ro’s apartment
A killer wet bar setup featuring Scotch at the very creative Ro’s apartment.


  1. Lindsay | Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    I’ve been wanting to check out Portland for some time, the stout onion soup alone makes me want to leave now. Did you get to try any of the Herb Soda?

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