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Mutineer Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2009 – #5

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Beer Pong - Sink It - Drink It
ESPN on Beer Pong: Of Course It’s a Sport!
Originally posted on: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beer pong continues to gain popularity as a sport, as evidenced here by the ESPN coverage. I’m all for fine beverage-fueled sports, and am pumped to see this Beer Pong post come it at #5 on the list of most viewed Mutineer blog posts in 2009.

ESPN Columnist Rick Reilly posted his thoughts on the sport of beer pong, fine beverage’s proving ground for throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups of beer. Beer pong players are the real deal,

You have never seen such large people throw such tiny objects into such small receptacles with such hair-raising frequency. The best teams hit about 70% of their shots on the eight-foot tables. That’s like pitching a quarter into a parking meter slot seven times out of 10.” -Rick Reilly

Here is a link to the full story on ESPN.com.


  1. Gary | Friday, January 1, 2010

    Even http://www.beerpongleagues.com has an iPhone application…

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