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Los Angeles Company Provides Ultimate Anti-Drunk Driving Solution…BRILLIANT!

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Y Drive

If you’ve been following the Mutineer blog for some time, you’ll know how much I despise drunk driving. The good news is that “Y Drive LA” might just be the perfect solution to the drunk driving problems that plague LA. The idea is pretty crazy, but it works: you get wasted at your office holiday party, you call “Y Drive LA”, and a person shows up to drive you home in your car. BRILLIANT! But wait, what happens when you are dropped off at your house in your car? How does the chauffeur get home? Well, your driver has cleverly stowed a motor scooter in your trunk and will scoot off to his next job.

Sounds expensive, right? Nope. Prices for central areas range from $38 to $45, which may be a bit more than a taxi, but you have to consider that now you don’t have to go retrieve your car in the morning, which is a hell of a trade off.

I love this idea and applaud the fine people at Y Drive LA for addressing the drunk driving problem in LA in such a positive and practical way.


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