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Dunkin’ Donuts Sends Fine Beverage To U.S. Troops Overseas

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Dunkin' Donuts

A tip of the hat to one of the biggest coffee retailers in the country, Dunkin’ Donuts, and, to a greater extent, their patrons. Dunkin’ franchises in Florida and North Carolina asked their patrons to throw $4 in to buy a pound of coffee that would be shipped overseas to our service men and women. That call was answered en masse, and now three tons of coffee beans are on their way out of the country. According to a Tampa Bay Online article, one box of coffee will go to each U.S. overseas base in the world.

I really dig the populist vibe of the support. Florida and North Carolina are pretty big military states, so they are especially close to the fine folks in uniform who protect us in foreign fields. It’s really cool that they dropped a lattes worth of cash so one of our own somewhere in the world could experience the comforts of home. Good on you Dunkin’ Donuts denizens.

Dunkin’ plans on pushing this out to the entire country in the spring, so keep an eye out at your local Dunkin’ for a chance to help out. America runs on Dunkin’, and now, I guess, America’s Armed Services do too.


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