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Clo Wine Bar Offers a Futuristic Wine Ordering System


Wine bars frighten me. There, I said it. There’s that guy behind the bar whose nose and palate are better than yours, and he can tell you the median temperature on a postage stamp sized parcel of land where maybe one of the grapes that was crushed to make the wine you’re drinking came from. Intimidating, no?

What if there were a better way to cultivate your inner oenophile? There is, and Clo Wine Bar in NYC should be considered the template.

Clo uses the Enomatic wine dispensing system to serve out wine by the glass. You’ve seen it in lots of places, but at Clo, you’re handed a credit card that you use to activate the pouring. Swipe your card and you get access to the glass. When you’ve finished sampling, bring your card to the register and pay the tab.

You use a touch table catalog to browse the wine list at Clo. Movements of your hand allow you to go through the bottles offered and get more info about each one. It’s all neophyte friendly and incredibly cool.

My only worry is that this technology will go all Skynet, become self aware, and start judging me like the pretentious dude behind the bar.


  1. Lindsay | Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    That table is sooo Star Trek. We need one of these bars on the West Coast.

  2. Jeff Dorenbush | Friday, December 18, 2009

    Very cool… more businesses should embrace this kind of technology. Hmm…How do we utilize this technology with Mutineer Magazine???

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