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21st Amendment Monk’s Blood


21st Amendment Monk’s Blood

From the creative brewing masterminds who brought you High or Hell Watermelon Wheat Beer and Brew Free or Die IPA, 21st Amendment Brewery from San Francisco is pleased to present to you Monk’s Blood. Only available in limited edition four-pack of cans and on draft, Monk’s Blood pays tribute to the monks of Belgium’s monasteries who have been brewing some of the world’s greatest beer for centuries. Monk’s Blood is an 8.3% alcohol, dark Belgian-style ale brewed with eight malts, Belgian candi sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, local black mission figs, and aged on oak.

Monk’s Blood is first in a series of limited edition four-pack releases called the Insurrection Series, which according to the press release will be releases of “a very special beer that rises up in revolt against common notions of what canned beer can be.

If you’ve been following our blog, you might recognize the name Monk’s Blood from our “From the Blogosphere: Repeal Day” blog as the brewer of 21st Amendment Brewery was interviewed in it by our friends over at Hop-Cast.

21st Amendment is available throughout the Bay area, the Northwest, the Northeast and Alaska, and just recently, Virgin America began to carry them as part of their inflight beverage program. Very cool.

Who says good beer only comes in bottles?

About 21st Amendment Brewery: “Who the heck are these guys? Hey, we’re Nico & Shaun. We live for great beer. In 1920, there were thousands of breweries across America making unique hand-crafted beer. The passage of Prohibition wiped out this great culture. After thirteen years without beer, the states ratified the 21st Amendment, ending Prohibition in America. At the 21st Amendment Brewery, we celebrate the right to brew beer, the freedom to be innovative, and the obligation to have fun.


  1. The Beer Wench | Monday, December 7, 2009

    I love this. Shaun brought some out to the bar the other day. FAN-TAS-TIC!

  2. Brian Kropf | Monday, December 7, 2009

    I haven’t had a chance to yet, but I’m sure I will and I can’t wait!

    We know there is an error with the link to 21st Amendment, it’s getting corrected ASAP!

    Until then, anyone interested can visit http://www.21st-amendment.com/


  3. JJ Bagley | Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    I love that the craft brewing industry is canning good beer. No more crappy beer on airplanes!

  4. Russ Phillips | Friday, December 11, 2009

    Does anyone know if this will hit the shelves out here on the East Coast? We do get some other beers from 21st here in MA. Anyways, it looks like a great beer. Cheers!

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