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Yankees Pop The Cork on Fine Beverage


Yankees Celebrating

The Fall Classic was decided in six games, but two debates still rage on. Should players protect their glazzies during Champagne celebrations, and what is the best Champagne to soak your teammates with?

I’ll not wade into the fan side of the goggles debate. It’s a sticky subject that has a lot to do with tradition and general manliness I guess. The medical part, however, should be considered. The AP did an interesting article that consulted an ophthalmologist about the effects of Champagne on eyeballs. Turns out a little bubbly in the eye could lead to a corneal abrasion (this stuff does shoot out of the bottle folks). Having bum specs in a game where you’ve only got a split second to make the decision to swing is tantamount to going to the plate with your eyes closed.

So goggles look silly but serve a purpose. Next up: What are they protecting these million dollar eyes FROM? This year, the team with the league’s highest payroll opted to go high class on the celebration libations as well. The Bronx Bombers were slinging around $250 bottles of Armand de Brignac, the “Ace of Spades” in the gold bottle (Jay-Z digs it too). Supplementary reports say that Moët & Chandon was also in the mix.

So raise a toast to the best boys of summer; just be sure you have glasses, goggles, or even a diving mask (snorkel optional) handy.


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