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Last Week in Wine Blogs


Vallejo Wine Central Warehouse Fire

6 million bottles of wine are destroyed in a warehouse fire caused by arson in a botched attempt to destroy evidence relating to other crimes. [Fermentation]

The good doctor is pumped about little Italian kids getting wine themed coloring projects. [Dr. Vino]

Team Lenndevours is on a mission to identify the best of the best in New York with their New York Cork Report. [Lenndevours]

How to make turkey brine for Thanksgiving. Practical, delicious, and has chardonnay in the recipe so it is technically fine beverage. [Another Wine Blog]

Mutineer Contributor Tim Lemke offers his advice on a great value sparkler for the holidays. For more, check out Lemke’s article on value sparklers in the current issue of Mutineer. [CheapWineRatings.com]

Love Napa cab? Check out this round up of tasting notes with current releases from a recent tasting at Chateau Montelena. [Bricks of Wine]

Random thought:
When is Jeff Birkemeier at [Bacchanal Babble] going to blog again? That guy was great…


  1. Phil | Monday, November 23, 2009

    So much fine beverage carnage. Is this the precursor to 2012?

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