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If You Followed Mutineer Magazine on Twitter…

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…not only would your karma soar, but you’ll be sure to catch all of the non-stop Mutineer Twitter action. Recent activity from @mutineermag on Twitter includes:

I’m going coyote hunting…With a Champagne saber, a bottle of absinthe, and nightvision binoculars…

Dandy Warhols are blaring, Cava is flowing and I’m about to make this stack of paperwork my b*tch. Things are rocking in the Mutineer RV.

Things are INSANE in the world of the Mutineer…I’m talking deadlines, Crystal Head vodka, and Blue Oyster Cult…WOW

My offer to talk about the finer points of “prison wine” made from orange juice and patience at a local middle school was denied…FAIL

CNN reports “8 days lost at sea with crackers, gum, BEER” sounds like the Mutineer RV!

3 more tweets in the next 10 minutes and I will officially summon the fail whale…TWITTER IS OUT OF CONTROL IN THE MUTINEER RV!

Bitter Sweet Symphony is BLARING in the Mutineer RV, speakers could be blown, cops could be called, but I got nothing on a Saarloos party…

Things I’d rather do with $250 than go to Wine Spectator NY Exp: buy a Game Boy, a bb gun, a case of vodka, and go roam in the woods


  1. SD Lounger | Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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