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Grolsch Beer Wreckage on Highway via TRUCKSPILL


Truck Spills Grolsch

I present to you the “Road of Grolsch”. It serves as a reminder of what can happen when fine beverage hauling goes wrong, aka TRUCKSPILL.

But how often does fine beverage hauling really go wrong? All the time. And my new favorite website truckspills.com has the evidence to prove it. Claiming to be “The website of odd, strange, interesting, and unbelievable things spilled on the road by trucks.” It’s the real deal.

Exhibit A) Road of Grolsch
Over 2,000 cases of Grolsch perish by truckspill road death. Not good.

Truck Spills Milk
Exhibit B) Milk Disaster
Milk truck flips in Russia. This one isn’t that intense at all, but still a fine beverage truckspill.

Truck Spills Keystone Light
Exhibit C) Keystone Light Beer
Not much was spilled here due to a light load, but the semi-trailer did end up on its side on the freeway. Epic.

Truck Spills Sunny D
Exhibit D) Sunny D
8,000 liters of Sunny D concentrate leaks into a stream. It wasn’t a truck spill, but was so awesome the webmaster put it on the site anyways.


  1. SD Lounger | Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    This website just found its way onto my bookmarks bar!

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