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Fine Beverage Disaster: “Oh my gosh! Look at all the beer!”


As a follow up to yesterday’s fine beverage warehouse spectacular, I present to you some intense footage of Bud Light that has been spilled over an overpass and is narrated by the most un-psyched guy ever. “Oh my gosh…Bud Light. Oh my gosh, look at all of it.” The road under the overpass must’ve smelled like a frat house for weeks…


  1. Jeff Dorenbush | Friday, November 6, 2009

    I wonder if a Mutineer Magazine delivery truck will ever get in a tragic accident like this — magazines spread all across the highway. “Oh my gosh…Mutineer Magazine. Oh my gosh, look at all of it.”

  2. Another Fine Beverage Disaster: Canadian Club Tanker Truck Flips | Mutineer Magazine | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    […] the bottle of Lowenbrau that survived the Hindenburg crash on its journey to survive the epic beer-truck-on-an-overpass-crash only to find false hope of safety tucked away in an obscure Moscow warehouse only to survive and […]

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