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Crowdsourcing Site Tries to Raise $300 Million to Buy Pabst


Buy A Beer Company

BuyABeerCompany.com is looking to raise enough money to buy Pabst, which is up for sale for a mere 300 million.

BuyABeerCompany has raised (at the time of writing this) around $80,000 so far, which may sound like a lot, but in order to reach the asking price, they’ll need to raise $80,000 approx. 3,750 more times. Godspeed optimistic crowdsourcers…Godspeed.

It should be noted that this was MY IDEA, except instead of choosing a strategy that at least has a long shot of happening, such as the crowdsourcing strategy used by BuyABeerCompany, I chose to try and find a couple of partners to all put in $60 million each in an effort to revive Pabst brand Schlitz’s epic music tours of decades past. Needless to say, Pabst is still available to buy.


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