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Collaboration Trifecta: Olde Rabbit’s Foot


Olde Rabbits Foot

Olde Rabbit’s Foot is a release that has been talked about for months, though little information was really known about it other than three things:

1) It would be a collaboration between Foothills Brewing, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, and Olde Hickory Brewery.
2) It would be an imperial stout.
3) It would be aged in bourbon barrels.

And finally, after many months of unanswered questions and unexpected delays, information surrounding the mythical beer has finally been released…and a big surprise to all, only 17 days before it is set to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting North Carolina.

As mentioned, this will be an imperial stout brewed with honey and cocoa nibs and then aged in very rare 23-year-old bourbon barrels. It will be 10.13% ABV and according to the label, only 694 bottles will be released.

UPDATED DETAILS:The bottle limit will be 4 per person and each 22oz bottle will be $20.” – Olde Hickory Brewery

Olde Rabbit’s Foot will be released December 12th at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, NC at 11 A.M. Still left in this puzzle of barrel-aged elixir to be released are prices, bottle limits, and likely other random tidbits of knowledge that are good to know. One thing that is evident is that this is likely to move quickly, so get there early and wait in line and don’t be “that guy” that shows up 30 minutes till the doors open and cut in line. Not cool.

Some people feel, though this is just speculation, that the late notice of the release details isn’t poor planning, but rather with the intent to really let this beer get to the North Carolinians who have supported these breweries for the last 25 combined years. This is unlike, say the Foothills Sexual Chocolate release, where people plan months in advance and will drive a thousand miles to secure their bottle limit. What is written on the label also leads me to believe this is true, “For Sweetening Countenances and Enhancing Reputations.” Pretty self explanatory.

I, of course, will be making the three hour drive to the release and there are talks of Foothills hosting a gathering at their Brewers Loft (at the brewery) the night before, for any of those coming out of town or just looking to share some good beers with some good people. I hope to see you there!

About these breweries:

The Olde Hickory Brewery in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hickory, North Carolina. Established in 1994 with a 7 barrel converted dairy system, they have since grown and now operate a 25-barrel Price Schonstrom brew house. They produce over two dozen craft beers each year, including year round brews, seasonals, and special limited production beers.

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery sold their first beer in 2004 and have been producing fine products our of their Farmville, North Carolina location ever since. As dark beer specialists, they are known for their stouts.

Foothills Brewing is located at 638 West Fourth Street in Winston-Salem, NC. Since 2004 they have been crafting a range of beer styles, represented by their six year-round beers and as many as four seasonals.


  1. Olde Hickory Brewery | Monday, November 30, 2009


    Thanks for covering the release! I have a little more more info for you…:) The bottle limit will be 4 per person and each 22oz bottle will be $20.

    We hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this very special beer, and a huge thank you to all of our fans and supporters!

    Olde Hickory Brewery

  2. Brian Kropf | Monday, November 30, 2009

    Awesome, thank you for the update Nikol! We’ll get that info up ASAP.


  3. JJ Bagley | Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Wish I could be there with you. Make sure and save a bottle for your return to CA.

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