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Coca-Cola to Release Special Edition Avatar Can. I’m Impressed…or Am I?

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So clearly the higher-ups at Coca-Cola read my skeptical blog about their social media-fueled search for happiness yesterday and immediately realized they screwed up. Enter Avatar-themed Coke Zero to patch things up. BRILLIANT. Or is it?

The special Coke Zero can will be “augmented reality” enabled. What does that mean? According to AdAge:

There are 140 million cans and more than 30 million fridge packs, as well as bags, bottles, popcorn bags and fountain drink cups flooding the market, beginning this month. All are emblazoned with Coke Zero logos and utilize AR. Worldwide, Coca-Cola ads will be found in 86% of cinemas…Once consumers have downloaded an application from AVTR.com, they can simply hold up the can or bag to a webcam to get a virtual ride in a Samson Helicopter from the movie that Sully flies in.

Yup, I still have no idea what that means, except for the part where the 140 million cans of futuristic Coke Zero become self-aware and team up with my iMac to wipe out the human race. Seriously, check out the demonstration video. The blue alien characters can shoot death arrows out of the computer monitor. Not good. Not good at all.


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