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Coca-Cola Launches Social Media-fueled “Search For Happiness”

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Expedition 206

Okay, so Coca-Cola is sending three people on a massive world tour in search of happiness. Really? I. Don’t. Get. It.

According to AdAge:

Expedition 206 will send three 20-somethings to 206 countries and territories where Coca-Cola is sold in 2010. The trio sets off on their 275,000-mile tour from Madrid on Jan. 1, stocked with laptops, video cameras, smartphones and plenty of other gadgetry, in order to document for the masses their search for happiness.

Their journey will be tracked at www.Expedition206.com, as well as through Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and on Twitter @x206. Fans following the expedition will also be able to weigh in on what the trio should do and who they should see at each destination.

Soooo, the best I can come up with is that these people are gonna get robbed. You can’t roll through over 200 countries with duffel bags full of pricey electronics and think you’ll actually come out the other side with your equipment and morale intact. And then somehow that’s gonna lead to discovering happiness. I dunno, I tried. It’s a f*cking cola people. If you want to increase sales, get Kimbo Slice to endorse and have a bottle cap contest where 1 in every 4 bottle caps is a winner of a free soda…or you could spend a ton of money and hire three people to roam the earth with iPhones in search of happiness, which is as sound a strategy as Pepsi’s iPhone App, designed to help guys hook up with old married women.

What happened to the cola mega-corporations? It used to be all about computer generated polar bears and blind tasting challenges…you’ve changed.


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