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Another Fine Beverage Disaster: Canadian Club Tanker Truck Flips


RV from 2012
The Mutineers try and outrun an epic fine beverage disaster in the Mutineer RV.

Yup, fine beverage disaster struck again last week when a tanker truck carrying 7,000 gallons of flammable (and delicious) Canadian Club whiskey flipped near Georgetown, Kentucky.

According to the Georgetown News:

Flipped Canadian Club Tanker Truck

A semitrailer carrying 6,900 gallons of Canadian Club Whiskey and traveling west on Frankfort Road overturned near Craigs Lane about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Caudill said the semitrailer took out two or three trees as it overturned and the truck separated from the trailer in the process.

Wait…trees getting taken out, flammable liquid? Sounds like a little film that just came out by the name of “2012”. If only there was footage of this Canadian Club tanker truck flipping, I could create my own fine beverage version of “2012”. Seriously. My story would follow the bottle of Lowenbrau that survived the Hindenburg crash on its journey to survive the epic beer-truck-on-an-overpass-crash only to find false hope of safety tucked away in an obscure Moscow warehouse only to survive and end up in a puddle on a Kentucky highway. I’m 100% positive this would work, I think…


  1. Scott Redd | Thursday, November 19, 2009

    You just know the driver had a hose running from the tanker up into the truck.

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