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Vermonster vs. Monster, and 6 Other Fine Beverages to Get Your Monster On

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I gave the fine people at Monster Beverage Co. a chance. After hearing about their shameless attack on Rock Art Brewery‘s Vermonster, I called Monster up to get their side of the story. They told me they couldn’t comment, but they would send me a statement. They didn’t. Fools.

You know, September fourteenth, I get ready for work and I get an e-mail from a lawyer that represents and energy drink company in California, a one billion dollar corporation saying I need to cease and desist my Vermonster beer that I brew up here in Vermont”, says Matt Nadeau in his website response.

So, let me get this straight. An energy drink called “Monster” is pissed at a tiny brewery that brews a beer called “Vermonster”. Really? REALLY? The good news is that Rock Art Brewery is getting a TON of publicity because of the attack from blogs, newspapers, and anyone else with a conscience, and now that the Mutineer is on it, I’m sure Monster will tap out.

And what about other monstrous beverages out there? Is Monster Beverage Co. going to take all of them on too, because some of these folks aren’t just a tiny Vermont brewery, and will fight back with great vengeance and furious anger. Check out the whole line up:

Rock Art Brewery, Vermonster

Big Red Monster Company, Big Red Monster red wine blend

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Monster Ale barleywine

Norman Vineyards, The Monster zinfandel

Some Young Punks, Monsters Attack! riesling

Compass Box Whisky Company, The Peat Monster & The Peat Monster Reserve scotch

Giant Steps, Harry’s Monster red wine blend

UPDATE: According to an official statement from Rock Art Brewery and Hansen Beverage Company, “Hansen Beverage Company and Rock Art Brewery have reached an amicable agreement under which both companies’ respective products will be protected


  1. The Beer Wench | Monday, October 19, 2009

    Thanks for conjuring up support for Rock Art Brewery! It is really amazing to see how much support they are getting on various social media platforms across the internet!

    For more information and to see what other people are saying visit the official Monster Boycott Blog –> http://monsterboycott.wordpress.com




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  3. Tim Nichols Beer Stuff | Monday, October 19, 2009

    Thanks for the help for Rock Art. It’s nice to see everyone in the brewing community pitching in to do their part. I wrote an article about this last week for examiner.com/Seattle (link on my fb profile page). I have been trying to get in touch with some of the skateboarders and snowboarders that Monster sponsors to let them know. In this information age, the court of public opinion can be more powerful that a court of law when the judicial system fails a small business that is being pushed around by a big corporation posing as an alternative ‘all natural’ soda and juice co. (Hansen’s, Monsters parent co.). Thanks again for helping out!!

  4. Alan Kropf | Monday, October 19, 2009

    Monster really stepped in a big pile of fail on this one…THEY AREN’T EVEN IN THE SAME CATEGORY as Rock Art. Mind blowing…

  5. Brian K | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Nice to see everyone coming together on this one .. not to mention everyone is now interested in Vermonster more than ever! I don’t think Monster even has an actual case and I think this will only help Rock Art, as they’re getting so much publicity and gaining so many followers.

  6. Matt Nadeau | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Thank you all!

    Power to the People
    Power belongs to the People

    Matt Nadeau
    Rock Art Brewery

  7. Katie | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Hey guys, I wrote a post about this on my blog as well and it includes a link to a petition you can “sign”. Please help Matt out by doing something MORE than just boycotting Monster products. Make yourselves heard on Twitter, Facebook, ANYTHING.

  8. Katie | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    By the way, Alan, you mention they aren’t even in the same category as Monster beverages…well apparently Hansen is considering entering the alcoholic beverage marketplace…there’s your answer to that….they probably wanna start “clearing trees” before they arrive.

  9. Scott Redd | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    That is sad, oh well, I guess it will be strictly Red Bull or Rockstar for me now.

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