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The Blogger Contributors of Mutineer Issue 8


Issue 8 Cover

Oh yes…Mutineer Issue 8 is upon us, and I can’t tell you how PUMPED I am about it. For an overview of the issue 8 features, check out the preview post from last week.

Before we get into detail, here is the complete list of blogger contributors:

Erin Jimcosky of The Endive Chronicles
Joe Roberts of 1WineDude
Katie Pizzuto of Gonzo Gastronomy
Marina Orlova of Hot For Words
Robert Hess of The Cocktail Spirit & DrinkBoy
Tim Lemke of CheapWineRatings

Writer: Erin Jimcosky
Blog: The Endive Chronicles
Issue 8 Article: Gastropub Holiday at Home

“The Endive Chronicles” follows Jimcosky’s adventures in the kitchen, preparing her for her first food article in Mutineer, “Gastropub Holiday at Home”. This is Jimcosky’s fourth feature for Mutineer, who was recently brought on as our full-fledged Food Editor. Delicious days ahead…

Writer: Joe Roberts
Blog: 1WineDude
Issue 8 Article: Gastropub Holiday at Home Beverage Pairings

“1WineDude” is a relevantly irreverent exploration of wine culture and the wines within it, and Roberts’ approachable and informed take on wine is exactly what we were looking for with the Gastropub beverage pairings.

Writer: Katie Pizzuto
Blog: Gonzo Gastronomy
Issue 8 Article: Final Word

Ever heard of bacon wrapped bacon? “Gonzo Gastronomy” is attitude wrapped in controversy. Katie doesn’t pull punches on her blog, and can always be counted on to come to the aid of the underdog, which is why she’s lent her voice to the op-ed “Final Word” in Mutineer on more than one occasion.

Writer: Marina Orlova
Blog: Hot For Words
Issue 8 Article: Thirsty For Words

Marina “Hot For Words” Orlova has become one of the most influential and entertaining Internet personalities through her relentless exploration of the origin of words. You have to check out her site and watch one of her bombastic video blogs to understand, but be prepared to become a believer.

Writer: Robert Hess
Blog: The Cocktail Spirit & DrinkBoy
Issue 8 Article: Classic Cocktails – The Old Fashioned

If you are a fan of mixology, check out Hess’ “The Cocktail Spirit”. Do it…NOW! This guy is the real deal; a ninja of the cocktail if you will. Hess’ “Classic Cocktails” debuts in Issue 8 and is taking Mutineer’s mixology content to the next level. We are PUMPED about this column and are sure you will be too.

Writer: Tim Lemke
Blog: CheapWineRatings
Issue 8 Article: Wine Steals

Tim Lemke first crossed paths with the Mutineer at the 2008 Wine Bloggers’ Conference, and he’s been on our radar ever since. “CheapWineRatings” is exactly what it sounds like, and Lemke is very good at what he does. We all hope this column becomes a regular in the magazine, and based on early feedback on the issue, we’re not alone.


  1. 1WineDude | Monday, October 26, 2009

    My brothahs! Thanks for the kind words – it was my pleasure to contribute and after seeing the preview of the issue… I’m pumped too! You guys are RAWKin like Dokken!

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