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Raspberry Ale Turns Snow White Into a Ho


Ho White

Jamieson Brewery, located in Victoria, Australia wants you to know that their Raspberry Ale is not too sweet. That’s why they’ve re-imagined Snow White as “Ho White” for their ad campaign and, in turn, pissed off Disney.

The ad features a Snow White-esque cartoon under the covers with seven half-naked dwarf-types, each of which sporting a new name, like Smarmy and Filthy. The campaign, called “Anything But Sweet”, seems to be aimed at men who think a raspberry flavored beer might be too girly for their tastes.

Whether or not turning Snow White into a “Ho” will attract that dubious audience has yet to be seen. (It seems more likely that they might attract child molesters.) But they certainly have gotten Disney’s attention. Mickey Mouse’s company licenses Snow White’s likeness so they are furious over her new, sluttier look.

The campaign rolled out last week, launching online. Plans for Ho White also include bar coasters to be placed in Australian bars and posters in local liquor stores.


  1. Brian K | Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    I wonder if they made a video.

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