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Man Gets DWI For Living the American Dream

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Motorized La-Z-Boy

If you have been reading the Mutineer Blog for awhile, you know how much I hate drunk driving. It’s the most idiotic, selfish, dangerous, preventable thing a person can do. That said, when I saw in the news that a man had plead guilty to DWI after crashing his motorized lazy boy chair into a parked car, I had to let out a little chuckle.

According to Yahoo! News:

Prosecutors say Anderson’s blood alcohol content was 0.29, more than three times the legal limit, when he crashed into a parked vehicle in August 2008. He was not seriously injured.

Police said the chair was powered by a converted lawnmower and had a stereo and cup holders.

A motorized lazy boy with a stereo and cup holders? It’s clear that this guy’s motivation was simply to impress the ladies. And the moral of the story is that had he just called a cab, he probably would’ve been successful.


  1. SD Lounger | Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Rad chair, bad decision.

  2. Colby | Monday, October 26, 2009

    Apparently this bad dog is going up on Ebay….get yours today!


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