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How Many Shots in a 750 ml Liquor Bottle?


Crystal Head and Gatorade

Wow…is it Tuesday already? We didn’t post a blog yesterday in observance of Columbus Day and the Canadian Thanksgiving (out of respect to our fine Canadian readers). Deadline has reared its ugly head once again in the world of the Mutineer, and the sleep deprivation has filled us with madness that lured us into an early morning drinking session today that featured Crystal Head Vodka and Gatorade (fruit punch), which led to some unanticipated yet completely predictable madness of its own, and eventually to “How many shots in a 750 ml liquor bottle” in Yahoo! Answers. Yes…deadline turns us into beasts. (The issue is at the printer and it is KILLER.)

So how many shots are in a 750 ml liquor bottle?

Depends on how big your shots are. 1 oz. – 2 oz. is common.

According to Yahoo! Answers:

To figure how many shots are in a bottle, just divide the total volume of the bottle by the size jigger you use to pour.

25.35 ounces, divided by a 1.5 oz pour = 16.9 pours


  1. Chris DAmico | Thursday, October 15, 2009

    I think Mastodon talked about this.

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