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Domo + 7-Eleven = Slurpee Induced Domo Fever

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Domo Slurpee Cups

I have no idea WTF a Domo is, but it is apparently taking over 7-Eleven. This has Mutineer Director of Operations Jeff Dorenbush all worked up, so further investigation has been merited.

According to Creative Online, Domo takes over 7-Eleven:
This Fall, 7-Eleven will undergo another Simpsons-like takeover—this time, however, by the Japanese character Domo, the brown blockhead with feet created by Japanese illustrator and director Tsuneo Goda, and who also serves as the mascot for Japanese TV station NHK.

How can you have a “Simpsons-like takeover” with an obscure Japanese character?

As part of the promotion, 7-Eleven is releasing a three-part webisode viewable at www.slurpee.com and www.domonation.com, which follows Domo and friends in their quest for a Slurpee.

Domo is going mainstream, with a web series on the Slurpee website and Domonation.com.

I don’t get it, but I like it, and I am PUMPED for DOMOFEVER.


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