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BeerGoggins’ Beer News – SABMiller Making Moves in Africa

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SABMiller SABMiller, the international beer company who owns Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch and other beer brands, got their very own Namibian brewing license and plans to open up shop in the area. While the company has already been importing beer into Namibia, the license will allow them to finally build a plant in the area.

The brewer also acquired a non-alcoholic maize drink called Maheu from Zambia, where they already own Zambian Breweries Group. Both moves seem to be strategic steps in the company’s desire to internationalize beer — and make it taste exactly the same across the globe. Boring!

At the moment, Diageo and Heineken, SABMiller’s biggest competitors worldwide, each own pieces of Namibia Breweries, the area’s dominating brewer. All three international companies are battling it out to control the beer market on African soil.


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