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Allagash’s Limited Release Vagabond


Allagash Vagabond

What has been over four years in the making has almost reached the end of its journey. Allagash’s Vagabond, the second beer in their limited release 375mL series, is scheduled to be released at 9 AM on October 19 directly from the brewery. Only 500 bottles will be available with a bottle limit of two per person.

The second beer in the series following Gargamel, Vagabond is a 10% ABV Belgian Style Strong Sour from the mastermind of Jason Perkins, the brewmaster at Allagash. According to Perkins, “The name comes from the fact that the barrels used were originally filled in our old brewery which we occupied for the first 12 years of Allagash’s existence. The barrels travelled from the old to the new brewery, hence Vagabond. The resulting beer is a Belgian Style Strong Sour. At 10% alcohol, it has a big malt backbone, complex aroma with hints of nuts and oak, and a intense tart finish.

So mark your calendars, plan your road trips, take time off of work, or prepare your pre-release “in search of” trades on your favorite beer website, cause this won’t last long! We are proud to be the first with pictures of this epic beer finally bottled and labeled for your enjoyment!


  1. Mark | Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Hopefully I can find myself a bottle.

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