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A Crystal Pepsi Revolution

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Bring Back Crystal Pepsi!

Crystal Pepsi is coming back people. Ok, it isn’t, but it should. People are amped up for a clear cola again. Word on the street is that Crystal Pepsi can be had in South America, and we have a writer investigating the South American clear cola scene at this very moment. Crystal Pepsi and the McRib are one of my all-time food and beverage pairings, and if I buy one more bottle of vintage Crystal Pepsi for $30+ off of Ebay, Jeff is going to fight me. In the street. It will not be good. Must get Crystal Pepsi back into production…


  1. Marvin "Deke" Brambles | Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Crystal Pepsi was replaced by crystal meth, the Pepsi corp realized that crystal meth has a much higher prophet margin. The South American “Pepsi Clear” has been elusive in the USA so far, though the CIA reportedly siezed a case from some cocaine smugglers, the case was disposed of. The street value would’ve been in the $1,000-1,200 range.

  2. Katie | Monday, September 28, 2009

    I’m wondering if it was also a Freudian slip that Marvin said “prophet” margin instead of “profit” :)

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