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“Heavy drinking helps beat dementia” Wait…WHAT?

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Old people drinking

According to an article, “Heavy drinking helps beat dementia” on the Daily Telegraph out of Australia, “Older Australians who indulge in up to 28 drinks a week stand a beter chance of warding off dementia than those who abstain, according to a new study.

28 drinks a week? That is four a day, one with each meal (Fourthmeal available at Taco Bell), or all four at once if you like to party. I’m not sure if this study applies to older Americans, which could be concerning with how much old people in America love to drive huge steel battering ram cars. What if the dementia still appears, creating old, drunk people who decide to go for a drive? End of the world people!


  1. SD Lounger | Monday, August 31, 2009

    This is great news, I am assured of a dementia free life.

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