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What People Drink: Celebrities Pt. 2

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Jon Gosselin Drinking Tea

Jon Gosselin drinks tea, but I don’t know what kind of tea it is! I’ve Googled every combination of “jon” + “gosselin” + “kids” + “tea” + “divorce” + “wtf is that tea”. Nothing! Does anyone know? It looks awesome. I did have a reader response regarding what Condi Rice’s play-date was drinking in a previous post, maybe we’ll have similar luck this time…

Jon and Kate Drinking Champagne

Whoa, what’s going on here? Forget “Jon & Kate + 8”, I see potential here for a spinoff, “Jon – Kate = Beautiful Women & Champagne”. Call me the pitch master! HIYO!

Robert Pattinson Drinking Nestea

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson drinks Nestea out of a can. I haven’t seen anything Mr. Pattinson has been in, so it is difficult for me to write anything of significance. I kid! C’mon people. Did you know: Neastea’s motto at the moment is “liquid awesomeness”, and if you visit the product site, you’ll be connected to a live feed of some guys apartment. His name is Steve, and you’ll find him here.

Ashton Kutcher Drinking Beer

Ashton Kutcher drinks beer all day long. I’m 99.9% sure this is a Stella Artois, but being the disciplined fact checker that he is, I’m sure my arch-nemesis Steve Heimoff will call me out on it, adding to the already tense buildup to the inevitable showdown at the upcoming Wine Bloggers Conference. Stay tuned…

Mr. T Drinking Milk

Mr. T drinks milk. C’MON PEOPLE!

Kim Kardashian and Sierra Mist

Kim Kardashian drinks Sierra Mist by the case.

Sean Diddy Combs Drinking Dom Perignon

Diddy drinks ridiculously huge bottles of Dom Perignon.

Keanu Reeves Drinking Coca-Cola

Keanu Reeves drinks the red cola. Get it? Red pill, blue pill? Red cola, blue cola? Genius! In other news, the term “redpill” has its own Wikipedia entry, while sadly Mutineer Magazine, America’s favorite fine beverage culture publication, does not. Free quarter page ad to the Mutineer out there that can set us up with some Wikipedia glory! (subject to our advertising guidelines)


  1. Chuck P. | Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    It looks like Pattinson was mauled by a feral kitten, maybe for drinking tea out of a can.

  2. Alan Kropf | Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Feral cats have something against canned iced tea?

  3. kathia | Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    te amo robert cojeme porfavor

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