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Game On: How Mentos and Ice Cubes Can Make You a Fine Beverage Assassin

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Most people have experienced the Mentos + soda experience. If you haven’t, the premise is simple: You put a Mentos into a glass or bottle of soda, and sh*t gets crazy and explodes. Simple, right?

But what if you want to use this technique to seek vengeance on your arch-nemesis? YOU’RE COVERED, because there is an old assassin’s trick perfect for this situation.

All you do is freeze a mint Mentos into an ice cube, and get the altered ice cube into your foe’s cup. Why mint? Because it is white and stealth-like in nature. When the ice cube melts, prepare for fireworks. If your arch-nemesis has positioned their glass next to a laptop or iPhone, expect them to bypass Mentos warfare and proceed directly to punching you in the mouth and slashing the tires on your car, which may be worth it if you get the whole melee on tape. Godspeed.

In case I lost you at any point in this briefing, here is a video that explains the process so simply, even Steve Heimoff can understand it (maybe).


  1. Jeff | Monday, June 15, 2009

    I intend to make at least 20 victims through this stunt. I envision a huge house party and me making my way to the ice trays early on in the party.

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