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Beer Spotlight: Tower 10 IPA

Tower 10 IPA

Beer: Tower 10 IPA
Brewery: Karl Strauss
Style: India Pale Ale
Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass

Karl Strauss Brewing Company located in San Diego California is a product of the 80s, in a good way. According to the website, Tower 10 IPA was born “Amid a sea of neon bikinis, Tower 10 marked the spot where two college grads and a 75 year-old master brewer drew up plans for the first local craft brewery in San Diego since Prohibition.” Anything to do with bikinis, beaches and beer I am into, and a cooler full of Tower 10 IPA would be a great addition to any beach visit. Tower 10 is brewed with Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops giving it a hop punch that San Diego brewers have a reputation for. This is a great beer to pair with spicy foods such as curry dishes. To explore the world or Karl Strauss Brewing Company visit their website.


  1. Jeff | Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Sweet label. Awesome beer for the beach, but I thought you couldn’t take bottles to the beach?

  2. JJ Bagley | Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Private Beach.

  3. beerguy1 | Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    IPAs are growing up me quickly, and this summer I’ll be chillin back with a lot of awesome IPAs.

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