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Zano de Mayo

Beverage News

Zane Lamprey
Host of television’s Three Sheets and cover guy of Mutineer Issue #5 Zane Lamprey answers fan questions during Zano de Mayo.

Things have gotten crazy at Mutineer Magazine, as you can probably guess from the lack of blogs. I’ve been in Los Angeles to attend Zano de Mayo and do some last minute preparations for the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party presented by Paso Creek on May 18, and the rest of the Mutineer team has been working hard on wrapping up Issue #6, which is at the presses and will be available on newsstands June 1, with advance copies available at the Launch Party.

Zano de Mayo was a blast, and we’ll have a full write-up in the upcoming issue of Mutineer, but here are some photos from the event to tide you over.

Zano de Mayo
Die-hard Zane fans arrived early for the red carpet event.

Steve McKenna
Steve McKenna at DEFCON 1, still wearing the Technicolor poncho.

Steve McKenna
Steve McKenna at DEFCON 2, the clothes are coming off…

Steve McKenna
Steve McKenna at DEFCON 3, basking in the glory.

Steve McKenna
Steve McKenna at DEFCON 4, the crowd carrying him by his chest hairs.

Steve McKenna
Steve McKenna at DEFCON 5, swimming in the Cabana Club decorative ponds.

Ben Morrison of Punk’d
Ben Morrison of Punk’d and the Wine Mutineer get into a Canon 20D showdown, with the end result being that neither of us really have any idea of how to actually use our cameras.

DJ Morty
DJ Morty provided the soundtrack to the event.

Zano de Mayo Crowd
Attendees start an unsanctioned drinking game of sorts as a form of street justice at the event.

Alan Kropf at Zano de Mayo
Fresh off a night of no sleep in the pursuit of Issue 6’s deadline, the Wine Mutineer had to dig deep to keep up with the Margarita and Mezcal-fueled party.


  1. beerme | Friday, May 8, 2009

    haha, looked like an awesome time and it got the best of you. Can’t wait to see Zane at the launch party!

  2. Alan Kropf | Friday, May 8, 2009

    Yes, the Launch Party will be incredible.

  3. Jeff | Friday, May 8, 2009

    It’s just unacceptable that I am missing out on these kinds of parties…

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