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The Great ScanLife Mutiny


Mutineer Magazine is excited to offer our readers the most innovative fine beverage print media experience possible by including ScanLife EZcodes throughout our magazine to provide additional content to your iPhone and other supported devices. This issue is something of a pilot program, and we’d love to hear your feedback regarding your thoughts on incorporating ScanLife into future issues of Mutineer Magazine via email at barcode@mutineermagazine.com.

Questions you may ask are answered below:

Do I have to pay to download ScanLife?
The application is free, but you may be charged by your provider for standard data rates depending upon your phone plan. The size of the application is about 250-400kb.

How can I get ScanLife on the iPhone?
Go to the iTunes App Store and search for ScanLife to download it for free.

How do I use ScanLife with a Blackberry?
The ScanLife application for the Blackberry device works directly with the phone’s camera.
1. After opening the application, click on “Settings” from the landing menu page.
2. Uncheck “Disable scanning”, and press “Save.”
3. Press “Scan” and the Blackberry camera mode will be activated. Click the center roll ball button to capture an image of the code. A chime will indicate a successful scan.
4. (if prompted): If your camera settings are set incorrectly, a message will ask you to change them. Press your Blackberry soft key (to the left of the rollerball) and choose “Options.” Then go to “Picture Size” and choose “Small.” Press Save and go back to Step 3.

Can I save EZcodes after I scan them?
Yes, EZcodes are automatically saved in the history tab in the ScanLife application.

How can I save EZcodes as favorites?
Choose “Make Favorite” from the options menu in the history tab.


  1. Julie | Sunday, May 31, 2009

    This is a great idea, I love using it my phone.

  2. Alan Kropf | Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Yes! Lots of great bonus stuff for readers = awesomeness. To the future I say!

  3. Johnny R. | Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    So much easier than having to google from your phone. It takes you directly to the website. Sweet.

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