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National Launch Party: Obsello Absinthe


Tomorrow it happens. Mutineer Magazine will make a statement with its official National Launch Party at Falcon Hollywood. If you haven’t been able to tell, we are very into the return of absinthe, and will be featuring Obsello Absinthe at the Launch Party.

Obsello Absinthe joined the mutiny very early on, just after Issue #1 came out. We we’re two fine beverage companies finding our way into the world together, and we are pumped to be sharing their incredible absinthe with the attendees at our Launch Party.

If you’ll be attending the Launch Party yourself, you’ll also get to check out an advance copy of Mutineer Magazine Issue 6, which features five leading absinthes on the cover as chosen by the Wormwood Society.

Hear is what members of the Wormwood Society had to say about Obsello:

For those who want to try something a bit different than the traditional French of Swiss style absinthes, Obsello Verte is a quality selection from Spain. It is distilled, not mixed/macerated as are many of the Spanish brands, yet still retains a “Spanish-style” character. There are subtle vanilla and mint flavors that accompany the typical anise/fennel/wormwood foundation. The various flavor element blend well together with a slight sweetness. I prefer it without the sugar, and a relatively low water to absinthe ratio (2 or 3:1) with ice. It’s one of my favorites, especially for warm weather relaxation. – Don Becker

On a humid night nothing is a refreshing as the clean taste of Obsello. Perhaps its Spanish origin has colored my perceptions, but to me it is the very essence of summer. This is more of a Hemmingway absinthe than a Toulouse-Lautrec, but the aura of tradition and history is no less strong. The flavor is compelling with the wormwood offering a hint of vanilla to compliment the anise and mint, with a lingering spiciness. – Christain Matzke


  1. Rick Keyes | Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Rick Keyes says it was a great gig last night. Lots of good drinks and met a lot of interesting people. First time ever for Absinthe. Pretty darn good but no hallucinations in fact I think I still have both my ears. What??? Great job JJ and Mutineer crew and best of luck with your new mag. Check the Rick Keyes ad in the magazine and listen to my show especially if you like independent radio .

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