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National Launch Party: Maker’s Mark


Maker's Mark Bottle Only two more days until fine beverage nirvana will be reached at the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party…I’m considering avoiding alcohol all-together to prepare myself for this epic event like a boxer prepares for a championship fight, but I’m sure I’ll find a glass of something in my hand and therefore into my belly within the hour…

Maker’s Mark will be pouring their legendary bourbon at the party, and there is a rumor going around that they are teaming up with Jones Soda to create some truly inspired cocktails.

Mutineer readers will become very familiar with Maker’s Mark in the upcoming issue in our new “Fine Beverage Profile” feature, in which Mutineer contributor Hunter Lea ventured out to the Kentucky distillery to get a first hand account of what bourbon is all about.

A preview from the article:

…We arrive at the Maker’s Mark Distillery compound in Loretto, Kentucky. Our eyes feast on green rolling hills dotted with a building from the 1800s, decorated dark brown and red to resemble the whisky bottles. The distillery was the first in America to be recognized as a National Historic Landmark and the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the site as “The World’s Oldest Operating Bourbon Whisky Distillery.” The scene feels like a Twilight Zone episode set during the Civil War, as if somehow we’d taken a wrong turn on the bourbon trail and wound up in the past…

…The fermented mash is distilled to 120 proof, and then distilled again to 130 proof. We taste the 130 proof distilled clear-alcohol known as “White Dog”. White Dog has a mean bite, and to really crank up the party I’m envisioning the “Crystal Dog” cocktail, with White Dog and vintage 1993 Crystal Pepsi…


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  2. anthony | Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    The Orange Creamsicle they made was pretty damned tasty!

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