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National Launch Party: Jones Soda

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Only three days to go until the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party! The fine beverage tasting at the Launch Party will be a whole galaxy of multicolored sodas, along with the huge range of alcoholic fine beverages being poured. To achieve this, we had to break the mold of traditional tastings and bring in some products to mix things up. Enter Jones Soda, cover darling of Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 and makers of some of the most awesome soda in the world.

If you only know one thing about Jones Soda, know this: Jones Soda is made with pure cane sugar as opposed to the cheaper high fructose corn syrup found in industrial sodas. Also, they got your regular soda flavors – cola, root beer, cream soda – but they also have the flavors that define Jones – green apple, bubble bum, fufu berry and orange cola. Yes, this soda is the real deal, and you can try some for yourself Monday night at the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party.

Jones Soda on Mutineer Magazine Issue 4

From our Issue 4 Cover Story on Jones Soda Co. when we visited Jones Soda HQ in Seattle, WA:

Trying to put a number on how many flavors Jones has developed over the years is not unlike estimating the national deficit; event he most ambitious of guesses is likely to fall short.

For instance, at this moment there are some sixteen flavors available for purchase on the Jones website. Add to this the ten-plus flavors that have been retires and the ridiculously long list of limited flavors that have been released and you are easily flirting with one-hundred flavors of Jones Soda being commercially available over the years.

Within this sea of flavors exist a few that have become institutions within the Jones lineup. Which flavors belong to this exclusive club is a tender and sensitive issue, but an informal study conducted by my photographer while hopelessly lost on is way to the fabled energy drink cooler concluded that Green Apple, Blue Bubble Gum , and Cream Soda are at the top of the list. The life cycle of a flavor is a complicated one, with customers having as much or more influence on the process that Jones employees. Groff illustrates this point, “Our old CEO actually made a conscious decision to kill the Blue Bubblegum flavor because thought it was just ridiculous, but he just could not make it die. People kept buying it and demanding more.” It should be noted that while some flavors such as Crushed Melon and Cherry don’t twin the Cadillac in terms of sales numbers, their well-being is ensured by a rabid, cult of fans whose limits I’m sure no one wants to test…


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