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Lubbock, Texas Ceases to be Dry

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One of the last strongholds of the “Noble Experiment” of Prohibition has been conquered, with the fine citizens of Lubbock, Texas voting to let packaged alcohol be sold in the town for the first time since Prohibition.

The Lubbock Avalanche Journal reports:

Lubbock County voters overwhelmingly approved two ballot propositions expanding alcohol sales in the county during county-wide election that ended Saturday.

Proposition 1, which expands packaged alcohol sales in the county, passed by a nearly 2-1 margin with 64.5 percent in favor.

Proposition 2 to allow mixed drink sales in restaurants passed with about 69.5 percent in favor.

Time to party in Lubbock! I had originally been following this story on CNN.com, which featured some great video footage of Lubbock residents getting all fired up about the vote. Apparently arch-nemesis’s were created, yards with signs were vandalized, and God was pissed off as local religious opposed the approval of selling alcohol, but between Wal-Mart’s financial contributions and the common belief that it is very screwed up to ban packaged fine beverages to a specific group of people, the measure dominated the vote.


  1. beerme | Monday, May 11, 2009

    I am in disbelief that things like this are still happening …

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