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Hand Painted Glasses by Lolita


Lolita is strikingly beautiful, and this is enough to convince me that having a glass painted by her is a good thing. Lolita (I’m not sure if she has a last name? I think it’s one of the one-word names, like Braveheart) hand paints wine, beer, and cocktail glassware with different themes to suit your personality through her company Designs by Lolita.

Lolita even has five awesome reasons why you should bring one of her glasses with you when you go out.


1. You know which drink is yours. Lolita’s designs are so distinctive, there’s no mistaking your glass for someone else’s. And vice versa.
2. Your glass is clean. The only lip prints on the outside of this glass will be yours – and since you brought it from home, you’ll make sure it’s clean inside, so your drink will taste right.
3. The bartender will know how to make your favorite drink. With Lolita’s trademark recipe on the bottom of each glass, it’s bartending by numbers.
4. You’ll have a new accessory. Coordinating your ensemble with your glass is a stylish finishing touch.
5. Extra attention. Looking to meet people? Your glass will stand out, inviting conversation. (And it may even invite some free drinks!)

Free drinks? Extra attention? Conversation? This is turning into a minefield. I’m all for free drinks, but I typically get more attention than I want through my drunk outbursts, and conversations typically lead to more trouble than my drunk outbursts…


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