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Spit Like You Mean It! The Importance of Spitting at Wine Tastings


99.9% of the time, spitting is a bad thing. I recall spitting on the track in high school, and the gym teacher made me scoop up the dirt and do push-ups. If you want to start a bar fight, spit in some dudes face and it’s game on for sure.

HOWEVER, in wine, spitting is a crucial tool to avoid DUI’s, drunk dials, and fist fights that could start for a myriad of reasons beyond spitting in someone’s face (like getting crazy with someone’s girlfriend in a bar…sorry TK).

If you really don’t want to spit and you aren’t the fighting type, a limo service is a great way to imbibe your way through wine country worry free.

Just last week, Lakeside Limo took Mutineer Photog Jordan Luckman and myself on an exquisite tour of Lake Chelan, and not only did the driver get us to our destinations, but he filled our heads with useful trivia and propaganda along the way (optional of course), and went as far as to walk us into the wineries and personally introduce us to the tasting room staff.

It was a similar story the previous week at Woodinville’s “Passport to Woodinville Weekend”, which featured enough stretch SUV’s to nullify any action we are taking against global warming.

No one ever plans on getting a DUI or getting into an alcohol-fueled crash, yet it happens WAY TO OFTEN. So, if you’d prefer to NOT to murder someone with your car and go to jail for a very long time, know your limit and spit!


  1. Julie | Saturday, April 25, 2009

    The limo is the only way to go. We plan on using one in Hollywood at your National Launch party. Can’t wait for May 18.

  2. Jeff | Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Chelan+ Limos + Wine… sounds like my kind of adventure.

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