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CNN Reports That White Wine Can Stain Teeth, Wine Mutineer Drinks a Bottle of Vinho Verde as a Result


In an article by Kate Stinchfield on CNN.com, “A new study shows that white wine has an acid content that tends to increase the risk of dark dental stains if you also drink tea or similar beverages. New York University researchers compared the staining effects of red and white wine by submerging cow teeth in wine for one hour — the same effect as sipping a couple of glasses of wine over the course of a leisurely dinner… Compared to water, the acidity of the white wine left teeth more susceptible to the tea stains. While white wine was still better than red wine in terms of subsequent tooth staining, if you drink any shade of vino you seem to be more vulnerable to staining by so-called chromogens — substances in tea and other food that discolor teeth.

Well, I must say that if CNN released a report that said drinking white wine made your eyes turn blue like the Fremen in Dune, I’d still drink German Riesling and white Rhone with great ambition. So if white wine packs a similar staining punch to tea, I don’t get too worried. Interesting story though. Read more here.


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