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Boston Wine School: Mutineer Magazine Launch Party


If you’re in the Boston area tonight, come hang out with Mutineer Magazine Editor Alan Kropf at the Boston Wine School. I’ve been very psyched up about this event for awhile, but when I read the event description on the BWS website today, things really got awesome:

Come celebrate the national launch of Mutineer Magazine with a tasting of wine and food and a night of mutinous fun. Don’t leave before publisher Alan Kropf stages his Wine Snob Smack Down!

Wine Snob Smack Down? Bring it on! PLUS, the event is only $21 in advance, or pay your age at the door (up to $35). There will be wine, cheese, and who knows what else…things will get started at 7PM and go until it ends.

There will also be a VIP reception before the event for Boston area media and writers. Contact the Boston Wine School directly regarding coming the reception


  1. Cruz | Thursday, April 16, 2009

    How did the event go? Follow up blog on the way with pictures maybe? Keep us posted.

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