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The Mutiny Has Spread to the Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition


This is a very exciting week for Wine 2.0, because this Thursday, April 2 is the Wine 2.0 Expo in San Francisco as well as the end of the Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition, in which Mutineer Magazine is making quite a bold statement.

While the contest has been running since October, Mutineer was a last-minute, dark-horse entry yesterday, and after less than 24 hours, we have climbed to third place and are showing no signs of slowing down. It should be noted that a video pitch is suggested as a part of your entry, and being limited to the resources in the Mutineer RV, morale was running low when take 327 finally seemed to work… All of the videos are pretty interesting, though mine is the only one to feature chilled out French-pop as a soundtrack.

We’d love for you to vote for us, but regardless of your fine beverage political affiliations, I STRONGLY SUGGEST CHECKING OUT SOME OF THESE OTHER COMPANIES INVOLVED WITH THE COMPETITION.

Some of these companies are just starting out, while others are looking to take their operation to the next level, but all represent the future of fine beverage, so let’s give them support. Here are top three voting leaders as well as a couple of company competitors that we are pretty excited about.

Currently 1st Place: Curiosk Marketing Solutions Inc.
Curiosk is a Canadian company, but don’t hold it against them. What Curiosk is trying to do is “[redefine] the way people shop for, buy, give, receive and enjoy wine and spirits. Installing a Curiosk touchscreen kiosk lets wine & liquor retailers enhance customer service, increase basket size, achieve store differentiation,  provide a value added product and turn browsers into buyers.” How does it work? “Simply scan the barcode label to receive product information such as; tasting notes, food pairing notes, serving recommendations and cellaring guidelines. Then use the touchscreen to personalize and a print a greeting card. The patents pending card containing both the product information and the personal message, prints at the kiosk and is designed to fit over the neck of the bottle. It is the ultimate greeting card.” This is a very idea that can add a lot of value to the retail wine experience. (quotes from Curiosk Vator.tv profile page)

Currently 2nd Place: Vinobilia
With a soundtrack straddling the fine line between soft porn and a chic Hollywood lounge, Vinobilia’s video does a great job explaining a product that is a little difficult to understand at first, or at least it was for me. After watching the video it is clear that this is a very cool idea.

This is how it works: You fill out an online survey to determine your tastes and preferences. This creates a Vinogram tailored specifically to you. You receive your credit card sized Vinogram in the mail, and then you take this to the wine shop and overlay the clear vinogram card over the wine label to see how the particular wine meets your preferences. Ambitious? Yes. Cool? Yes. That’s good enough for me.

Currently 3rd Place: Mutineer Magazine

Still In The Game: Snooth
Snooth’s video is so good it pisses me off. Snooth Founder Philip James has a reputation for putting together sleek presentations, and his dark, British voiceover makes him sound like a Bond villain, which I’m very into. I’d sound like a bond villain if I could, but I just end up sounding like intern in the Q division.

From their Vater profile page, “Snooth is a social shopping site for the wine industry. User’s can use Snooth’s powerful search engine to browse 2 million ratings across hundreds of thousands of wines and then link to 11,000 merchant partners (stores and wineries) in 50 countries to make a purchase. In addition, Snooth is a social network. Users can create accounts, see what their friends are drinking, get recommendations and find their ‘taste twins’ – users with similar palates to their own.

Still In The Game: Women & Wine
This is a great organization that is hard to sum up, because once you think you’ve done it, they’ve come out with another great fine beverage project. Julie Brosterman leads Women and Wine along with several other fine beverage companies, including her killer wine shop off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It should also be noted that Ms. Brosterman inspired me to enter the business plan competition, though helping others reach their professional goals in fine beverage is nothing new for her. When I was still a Somm at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Julie featured me on her radio show twice, and the list of fine beverage professionals she has featured in her various forms of media is ridiculously long. This is a great company that has already given a great deal to the fine beverage industry and culture, and I’m sure the best is still yet to come. Here is her competition profile page.

Still In The Game: Wine to Water
What an incredible organization. Wine to Water describes themselves as, “Wine To Water is a non-profit (501 c 3) organization that utilizes wine tastings and wine events to raise awareness and funding for it’s projects around the world.  Our charity goes hand in hand with the wine industry.  Integrating our organization with a wine event, no matter what the venue, gives guests or clients an opportunity to appreciate attending that event even more.

We wrote about an event with similar aims last month, check it out and if you are ok with people drinking dirty water, do nothing, but if you want to do something about it, GET INVOLVED!


  1. brian | Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Voted! I want to see MM everywhere!

  2. Dan Browne | Monday, March 30, 2009

    Don’t forget that we sell the Vinogram to wine makers so they can put it on the OUTSIDE of their bottles, on the labels or on the neck tags, website, whatever!

    Dan Browne

  3. Steven15 | Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Wine to Water sounds like a great program.

    MM is now currently in 2nd! Imagine if you guys had started this back in October .. I would have felt bad for the competition!

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