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The Happening: Interview with Zane Lamprey about Zane Patrick’s Day

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This March 14 at the Knitting Factory in New York City, things will be getting crazy with Zane Lamprey’s Zane Patrick’s Day. We asked Zane what we can expect at the party, and here is what he had to say:

1. What is your vision for Zane Patrick’s Day?

Zane Patrick’s Day is really an excuse to throw a kick-ass party. Last year I did events called “ZaneCrawls”, where I would take 50 people on a three-day international pub crawl through U.S. cites (LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco). It was a bit pricey to operate those events, the tickets went for about $1700 for the weekend (including bus, hotel, booze and food), and the event was capped at 50 people. With my “ZaneFest” events, like Zane Patrick’s Day in NYC and Zaño De Mayo in LA, we can accommodate more people, and are able to drop the general admission price to $85, which includes open bar for the whole party. We also have music, special guests, and a lot of fun things planned for the parties. I’m really looking forward to them.

2. What aspect of Zane Patrick’s Day are you most excited about?

I’m excited, or at least intrigued, to see what Steve McKenna does at the party… Steve has been my sidekick in a bunch of Three Sheets episodes. He’s a nut. At the Zane Years Eve party, he put on quite a show. He was lip-syncing to a Prince song when he suddenly ripped off his shirt and did a sweaty stage dive. That was gross on so many levels, and at the same time… awesome. I promise there will be no more slippery stage dives. But that’s all I can promise.

3. What are some of the drinks that will be served at Zane Patrick’s Day?

There will be the standards, like Guinness, Jameson’s, Bailey’s, Bushmills, and Killian’s– as well as everything else behind the bar. But I’m most looking forward to the green beer!

4. What’s the deal with the “Jim-the-Cop Chugging Contest”?

When I challenged Jim-the-Cop to a chugging contest in the Puerto Rico episode, he cheated. He dribbled a bunch down his shirt. That caused us to coin the phrase “You Jim-the-Cop’d” whenever someone spills their drink on themselves. It also started a rivalry between Jim and me. At ZPD, we’ll battle it out on stage, and afterwards let people try to beat our time. We’re not that good, so many people should be able to return home victorious.

5. What should someone that has never been to a Zane Lamprey event expect at Zane Patrick’s Day?

Expect a fun time. That’s the point after all… I’ll be on stage doin’ my thang, taking photos with people on the “green carpet” when the bands are playing, and throwing back a few. So far, almost a quarter of the tickets sold are to “alumni” who have been to previous events. So they obviously had a fun enough time the first go ’round to want to come back. And I can’t wait to see them again.

Get more info and buy your ticket here.


  1. Benjamin | Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Great interview with Zane in the last issue!

  2. Jeff | Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Woah. I’ll buy a ticket to the event if someone buys me a ticket for the plane.

    Sounds like an awesome event!!

  3. Alan Kropf | Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Jeff: the ninja negotiator

  4. 1WineDude | Friday, March 6, 2009

    Dudes – is it possible to get me a Zane autographed… *anything*???

    Zane is like a legend in my household, he had the job I was probably born to do, and his monkey kicks total ass.

    He is on my short-list of guys that I would man-hug.


    But not as much as Pleepleus!

  5. Adriann | Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    “man-hug” Cute.

    “He was lip-syncing to a Prince song when he suddenly ripped off his shirt and did a sweaty stage dive. That was gross on so many levels, and at the same time… awesome. ”

    … and at the same time… awesome.

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  7. TacoLou | Sunday, April 12, 2009


  8. Nathan | Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Our own heart, and not other men’s opinions, forms our true honor.

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