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The Happening: French Cocktail Hour Day + America = Thousands of House Parties


French Cocktail Hour, or FCH, is most certainly the real deal. The June 4 holiday is organized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and will be celebrated in 19 countries and 28 cities around the world.

According to the press release, “This year FCH is going to the extreme, producing the largest cross-country celebration with no less than 1,000 ‘Do-It-Yourself’ house parties all on the same night, June 4th, 2009. That’s 1,000 hosts in cities across America supplied with enough French goodies to keep their 17,500 guests partying till sunrise.

I’m convinced, Mutineer Magazine must host a French House party! I’m talking Serge Gainsbourg and Burgundy-fueled romp through the universe of the French existence.

You start with basic info. The silly Europeans put the day before the month when writing down a date.

Things start to heat up at this page.

The Wines of France people don’t trust their house parties to just any hosts, and candidates must undergo a survey that assesses their psychological profile as it relates to hosting house parties. It’s kind of like adopting a cat or something.

By question #38 morale is fading and the folks behind the event now know I’m an adventurous, energetic, casual, foodie-leader.

I won’t find out if I’ll be chosen as a host until April 20. The anticipation may be too much…

Now all I can do is wait…


  1. Julie | Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Let’s start our own American Cocktail Hour, if the French can do it so can we!

  2. Alan Kropf | Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Haha, that is the whole point! It’s a French Party in AMERICA! Kind of like Korbel.

  3. JJ Bagley | Friday, March 27, 2009

    In true Beer Mutineer fashion I’m bringing Biere de Garde and Escargot.

  4. olivia | Monday, March 30, 2009

    Yes, why can’t I think of anything French besides mustard and kisses — oh yes and absinthe, sort of. Though that really started as a swiss thing, but whatever. I love it!

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