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The Happening: 12th Annual Surviving With Style Fashion Show & Luncheon


Surviving With Style Fashion Show & Luncheon
Lady folk at the registration counter for the event

Rod Serling Voiceover: Eligible bachelor and vagabond wine journalist Alan Kropf is on his way to a wine event that is rumored to be teeming with lady folk. With a camera over his shoulder and a notebook in his hand, Mr. Kropf is in for quite the surprise, because through the double doors of the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Hotel await not only delicious wine, but a vast sea of designer purses and a one-way ticket to the Twilight Zone.

It was purses. It was women. It was crazy.

David LeClaireDavid LeClaire talks wine with the Mutineers

The event was organized by Sommelier David LeClaire of SeattleUncorked.com and benefited the Gilda’s Club Seattle, which gets its name from the late, great comedian Gilda Radner.

From Gilda’s Club Seattle website:
Gilda’s Club provides meeting places where men, women and children living with cancer and their families and friends join with others to build emotional, social and educational support as a supplement to medical care. Free of charge and nonprofit, we offer support and networking groups, lectures, workshops and social events in a nonresidential, homelike setting…Gilda’s Club is named in honor of Gilda Radner, who, when describing the emotional and social support she received when she had cancer, called for such places of participation, education, hope and friendship to be made available for people with cancer and their families and friends everywhere. The New York flagship facility, with its International Training Center, opened in June of 1995.

Surviving With Style Fashion Show & Luncheon
The event also had a marketplace area with purses and other purse-like things

The event itself was part purse auction/marketplace, part wine tasting, and I’m not exaggerating when I say the female to male ratio was like 100 to 1. It was like Logan’s Run meets Eyes Wide Shut, and it was terrifying. It didn’t help that I was nursing a severe hangover from the previous night’s party, but I am a professional, so with fellow Mutineers JJ Bagley and Sam Alexander in tow, we beat on, boats against the current, going from one tasting booth to the next.

The event wasn’t cheap to attend, with tickets running $125 a piece, but the stellar turnout validated the price tag, with a vast sea of women showing up for an afternoon of wine and purses.

David LeClaire is constantly putting on events through SeattleUncorked and PortlandUncorked.

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