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R2-D2 + Heineken Mini-Keg = Beer2-D3


If you regularly read the Mutineer Blog, you know that alcohol + anything = awesomeness. Today’s blog post is no exception. Enter Beer2-D3, a bold collision of fine beverage and post-modern science fiction. Created by Paul Loughridge, this is an ingenious use of the Heineken mini-keg.

I have a history with Heineken mini-kegs. I first moved to Los Angeles I was living in a 2-bedroom apartment with 4 people, so one guy lived in the living room, and we’d buy these Heineken mini-kegs all the time. (There is even a photo out there somewhere of me doing a mini-keg stand.) After awhile, we began to amass enough of these mini-kegs to start building a wall to separate our roommate’s living space from the living room.

The robot is built with the following parts:

Beer2’s technical specs:

Head – 1945 chrome BLC utility light shell.

Eye – Vintage movie camera lens w/adjustable spring-loaded aluminum casing.

Body – 4.7 liter “adult soda” mini-keg.

Legs – Propane tank valve handles, brass spacers, drilled-out washers, pair of aluminum Lady Josephine shoe butler (wall-mounted shoe shine holders).

Feet/Base – 3 mini bread loaf pans, lamp hardware and a 1/2″ precision drilled aluminum base plate.
 +assorted nuts, bolts, screws and, of course – lockwashers!

For a full interview with the artist, click here.


  1. JJ Bagley | Friday, March 27, 2009

    Two of my favorite things, Star Wars and Beer. Yes.

  2. brian | Friday, March 27, 2009

    You can’t go wrong with ANYTHING R2-D2 …

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  4. Jon | Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in awhile! Are these for sale anywhere?

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