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Blogger Interview: Hop Talk


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 we highlighted six beer blogs that you should be reading. Here is the second of six full interviews with those bloggers.

Site: hop-talk.com
Bloggers: Al Everett & Ron Nemeth
Location: Fredrick, MD & Saratoga, NY
Launched: July 2006

Answers by Al Everett

What inspired the Hop Talk blog?
I’d been dabbling with a personal blog for some time and enjoyed it. After yet another long conversation with Ron about beer, I thought, “boy, I should blog this.” I did some research, and it didn’t seem like there were a lot of beer blogs. It was my wife who thought up the name.

Tell me more about how you became involved in beer.
My Dad was very blue collar, and like most men of his generation enjoyed a beer or three as he relaxed from his labors of the day. Wine and spirits were almost never in evidence.

When I came of age, it was only natural that I would have beer in my life too. My twenties also coincided with the ascendancy of craft beer. Gainfully employed and free of responsibilities like a house or family, I could afford to spend a bit more for beer that didn’t come from one of the big brewers.

What is your vision behind the blog?
Just what our slogan says: Life is not about beer, but beer is all about life. We find that most things in life are that much more enjoyable when paired with friends and good beer. That’s what we aim to share.

Why should people be interested in the blog?
We’re just a couple of regular guys who like beer; we’re not pros. We just want to share good beer with the world. We can’t buy everyone a round, but we can write what we learn.

What qualifies you to write this blog?
Besides a passion for beer, I have a need to share with the world.


  1. beerme | Saturday, March 21, 2009

    i really enjoy these quick interviews. i can definitely understand enjoying a beer .. or three … at the end of a work day :P

  2. Chuck P. | Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Pairing goes beyond Food & Beer and includes friends and beer, I like it.

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