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Zombie Uniform For The Beer Lover


Beer Zombie T-Shirt

There is nothing worse when hunting zombies than accidentally shooting a living human. This is easier than you might think after downing a sixer of your favorite beer to rally your quivering courage get you out the door and on the hunt. One way to keep everyone on your team alive is to outfit them with uniforms. While your hiding behind abandoned cars and reloading your Smith & Wesson you may not be sure whether the staggering body coming toward you is a corpse or your buddy just coming home from the bar, but the beer zombie t-shirts from My Two Cents Clothing are the perfect way to differentiate between the living dead and the just plain drunk. Also available are babydoll t-shirts for the ladies, because the last thing you want to do is shoot the last remaining pretty girls on the planet.


  1. Chuck P. | Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Me want beer…. and pretzels.

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