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The Wine Guerrilla Mystery


Bruce Patch from Wine Guerrilla sent me some samples a while back and I’ve taken my sweet time writing about them. Mr. Patch gave me a little inspiration to get it done when he e-mailed me a write-up done by Mutineer Magazine regular columnist Ron Washam on his blog the HoseMaster of Wine:

Bruce Patch, aka Wine Guerrilla, sent me an email asking if I’d like to taste his wines. Would Wynonna turn down a hot dog? Apparently he’d seen HoseMaster of Wine but never read it… I met Bruce in the parking lot of a grocery store, like a cliche drug deal in an old episode of “Ironside” in which I’m the twitchy addict, and he gave me four bottles of his wine, some already having been sampled. I had heard of Wine Guerrilla previously, but had never tasted any of his Zinfandels. The wines are made at David Coffaro’s winery in Dry Creek Valley, and they certainly bear the hallmark of their birth place–Coffaro’s knack for blending nontraditionally. For example, the Wine Guerrilla 2007 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley has 6% Malbec added as well as a dollop of Cabernet Franc. This is very appealing Zin, with ripe red fruits and even a bit of rose petal on the nose. It flirts with being overripe, but has nice intensity and is quite soft and accessible. Pleasingly supple and restrained, yet still carries the its Zinfandel power nicely. The Wine Guerrilla 2007 Zinfandel “Goat Trek Vineyards, Block 6″ is from a 1250-ft elevation vineyard now owned by Quivira. (“Goat Trek” was named for an Animal Husbandry film starring William Shatner.) The first night I tasted this wine I didn’t much care for it, it seemed hot and the finish was disappointingly short. Imagine my surprise when two days later I retasted it and it was a knockout. Wines will do that to you on occasion. With those couple of days of air it blossomed into a blackberry and blueberry jam Zinfandel love fest. It was superb, relying perhaps a bit too much on ripeness, but the length of the finish was satisfying and the purity of the fruit was lovely. And to think if I hadn’t saved it it would have been one of those Guerrillas in the Missed. The third Zinfandel was the Wine Guerrilla 2007 “Coffaro Vineyards Old Vine” Dry Creek Valley. Don’t get too excited, there were only 70 cases produced. But don’t hesitate to bag a bottle if you see it. It’s 19% Carignane, a grape that always seems to improve Zinfandel, and it has style and character to spare. Generous, richly proportioned, brimming with blackberry and viney flavors, it raises the bar for all the Wine Guerrilla wines. Thanks, Bruce! Wine Guerrilla is the real magilla. Find the wines here.

If you like Ron’s style of writing I highly suggest checking out his blog, the aforementioned HoseMaster of Wine. I agree with Ron and really liked the Wine Guerrilla wines. I liked them so much that I featured them in the very first Mutineer Video Blog Show Extravaganza. Now, if you’ve never heard of our whimsical video blog, that is because the pilot turned out really, really bad. Hats off to Gary Vaynerchuk for making his show as interesting as it is, because our attempt was an epic fail. We tried the same show three times in a row, and each attempt was at best a thirty-odd minute rambling session that made it clear that video blogging is not part of our destiny at the moment. At least the wine was good!


  1. Ron Washam, HMW | Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Any other vintners nuts enough to send me wine to review, feel free! Find my email at HoseMaster of Wine. I promise a unique and candid assessment of your wines that will be carefully read by at least a dozen people who actually don’t have their own idiotic blog and aren’t looking for free samples! Very unusual in the wine blogosphere. Ain’t this New Media somethin’?

  2. Brian | Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    HMW is the sh*t!!

    So is BMW! :P

  3. Brian | Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Oh and I don’t have any wine, but I’ll send ya an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat, military rations) if you wanna review that! :P

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