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Full Sail Brewing: Slipknot Imperial IPA


Oregon brewery Full Sail has released its Brewmaster Reserve Series, Slipknot Imperial IPA, and will be available from January to the middle of March. “As the name implies, every aspect of this American style IPA is amplified – from the up-front hop aroma and bitterness to the big malt body,” said Full Sail’s Brewmaster, John Harris.

This is only one of many Brewmaster Reserve Beers from Full Sail, including Full Sail Imperial Porter, Keelhauler Scottish Ale, Grandson of Spot IPA, Vesuvius Belgian Style Golden Ale, Lupulin Fresh Hop Ale, and Wreck the Halls. As for the Imperial IPA, “Slipknot is part of our rotating selection of Brewmaster Reserve Beers. Every ten weeks we come out with a different beer that show cases the brewer’s art. We began the program back in 1998 as a way of celebrating our independence and creativity.” said Full Sail’s Founder and CEO, Irene Firmat.

Check out the Full Sail Brewing Brewmaster Reserve calendar line up here.


  1. johnston | Thursday, January 15, 2009

    IPA beers are my favorite by far especially when hopped up to as many IBUs as possible … the Cascade hops of the P-NW are really hard to beat so I will be on task to locate some of this limited edition IPA. Thanks for the heads up JJ

    Oh Yeah …. Happy 21st birthday Full Sail.

  2. jbinthesun | Friday, January 16, 2009

    I want some! Love the name too.

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