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A Drink a Day Keeps Age-Related Debilitating Handicaps Away

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A study recently released by UCLA revealed that light to moderate consumption of alcohol prevents senior citizens from developing age-related ailments. The age-related ailments that UCLA speaks of could be anything from walking to grooming themselves, or a number of other simple everyday functions.

For those already in poor health, researchers say alcohol won’t be beneficial for them, however, for those of you in good health you’re in luck. They found that seniors in good health were able to take advantage of a three to eight percent decrease in the likelihood of developing a debilitating handicap as age increased by each additional drink they consumed.

The UCLA study was published this week in the American Journal of Epidemiology and is among many other studies that show health benefits associated with alcohol, such as thinning of blood for seniors.

Drinkers were classified as light to moderate if they consumed less than fifteen drinks per week and less than five of those fifteen on any given day for men, and four for women. Heavy drinkers consumed more than fifteen alcoholic beverages a week or five or more in one day for men, and four or more for women.

The study found that moderate drinkers had a 12.5 percent risk of suffering a debilitating medical condition, while heavy drinkers was a higher risk at 15.6 percent. Abstainers, or those who drank less than twelve alcoholic beverages in an entire year, were at a much higher risk of 20 percent.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but for some reason I’ve always figured this to be the case and I’ve been preparing for my future for some time now. With my 401K rocking and a heavy amount of alcohol in my belly, it’s safe to say that I’ll live a long, fruitful life and be grooming myself like crazy.

…toot toot.


  1. H Cooper | Monday, January 19, 2009

    I knew it, I am right in line with the Mutineers on this. Preparation is key.

  2. Julie | Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Who would have thought! Sounds good.

  3. johnston | Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Geritol and everclear w/ a prune twist. Now that will send you to the bingo parlor with a smile huh?

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